International Festival TRANS/MISSIONS-RISE OF EAST ART Rzeszow-Batumi-Odessa-Vilnius

  22 Aug 2019

International Festival TRANS/MISSIONS-RISE OF EAST ART is a comprehensive project focused primarily on dramatic theatre, but also presenting other theatrical forms. The artistic program also includes concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, meetings with artists. The foundation of the Festival is the international cultural cooperation of four partners: 

• Poland: Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszow, 
• Georgia: Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre in Batumi, 
• Ukraine: Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre of V. Vasilko, 
• Lithuania: Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania “Na Pohulance” in Vilnius. 

The main goal of the festival is to exchange ideas, cultures and experiences. Its character is primarily determined by innovative assumptions and openness to the challenges that the modern world sets before us. It is equally important to reach not only the theatre viewers but all participants of the cultural life. The event is meant to combine not only different fields of art, but also people with diverse needs and interests. Apart from the artistic dimension, the event is also of great ideological importance. It connects Georgia and Ukraine with a cultural quadrangle and two members of the European Community (Poland, Lithuania). For all partners, the geographic and cultural boundary is crucial. The innovative nature of the Festival can be a source of inspiration for further new activities in the cultural and social sphere.