#stayathome #wewillbringarttoyou

  07 Apr 2020

 As a result of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, the State of Emergency has been declared in the entire territory of the country, including 21 April 2020. Until the State Emergency situation ends, within the frames of the social campaign “Stay at Home”, every day, at 5 PM, Batumi Drama Theatre offers the “Films” aired in the creative program “The Stage” of the Public Broadcaster Ajara TV and Radio, prepared at our theatre about our theater.   

Many thanks to “The Public Broadcaster Ajara TV and Radio”for cooperation and support.

Special thanks to the program author Inga Khalvashi.


Program schedule:

8 April – “King Lear in Asylum” 

9 April – “Bondo’s Night”

10 April – “The Island”

11 April – “Banana and Quince Pudding with Cognac and Rum”

12 April – “Edith Piaf”

13 April – “The Break-Up Man”

14 April – “The Night Porter”

15 April – “The Formula of Love or Don Juan”

16 April – “The Beauty Queen”

17 April – “New Stage”

18 April – “Winter’s Tale”

19 April – “Shoshia Chkhaidze”

20 April – “Closer”

21 April – “Still Life with a Fatty Nephew” 

#stayathome #wewillbringarttoyou

Due to the fact that the State of Emergency has continued in the country because of the pandemic until 10 May inclusive, we proceed with the screening of the “Films” aired in the program “The Stage” every day at different times. The films are prepared at our theatre about our theater.


According to the Decision of the “Intergovernmental Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia” as of 21 April, the State of Emergency has continued in the country until 27 May inclusive. Accordingly, some changes have been made into the list of programs offered where instead of every day, the programs will be shown every other day.

22 April – History of Batumi Theatre #partI
24 April – History of Batumi Theatre #partII
26 April – History of Batumi Theatre #partIII
28 April – History of Batumi Theatre #partIV
30 April – History of Batumi Theatre #partV
2 May – History of Batumi Theatre #partVI
4 May – “In the Evening Garden as in Colorful Dream”
6 May– “Nugzari and Mephistopheles”
8 May – “Ma-Mure”
10 May – “Electra” 
12 May – “The Servant of Two Masters”
14 May – “Props”
16 May – “Batumi Drama Theatre” Part I
18 May – “Scenery”
20 May – “Batumi Drama Theatre” Part II
22 May – “Make-up”
24 May – “Batumi Drama Theatre” Part III
26 May – “The Wings”
27 May – “Stage Design” 

See you soon#theatreismyhome