Manuchar Shervashidze Celebrates 90th Birthday and 65th Creative Anniversary

  27 May 2020

After graduating from the Drama Faculty of Tbilisi Theatrical Institute in 1955, 65 years ago, together with his wife Nino Sakandelidze, Manuchar Shervashidze was enrolled into the company of the Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre. At the Theatrical Institute their professional study was conducted under the supervision of the outstanding representatives of the Georgian theatre: Dimitri Aleksidze, Mikheil Tumanishvili, Akaki Vasadze, Lili Ioseliani, Maliko Mrevlishvili. The future actors formulated their professional skills, creative vison and theatrical principles during the studying period. At the Batumi Theatre the young actors were met by the splendid members of the Georgian theatrical world: Iusuf Kobaladze, Merab Khinikadze, Khasan Megrelidze, Misha Jalagania, Nunu Tetradze and others. Owing to the theatrical company, stage directing and their own talent, Nino Sakandelidze and Manuchar Shervashidze soon became the integral part of the theatre and established themselves in the theatre. 

Manuchar Shervashidze is a delightful, affable and free artist. He achieves creative freedom with perfect stage mastery. He has an excellent sense of humor and brilliant ability to improvise. He feels at home in comedy genre but his repertoire equally covers scenic images full of deep dramatism (Beso in T. Chiladze’s “The Nest on the Ninth Floor”). In a number of comical roles, he conveys the tragic fate of the hero with such astonishing mastery that it makes the audience smile and cry at the same time. M. Shervashidze marvelously performed the role of an old Ilarioni (in N. Dumbadze’s “Granny, Iliko, Ilarioni and I”) at the age of 27. Specialists unanimously acknowledges the high-performance skills of the young actor. 

Manuchar Shervashidze has played over 100 parts on the stage of the Batumi Drama Theatre: Polonius (William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”), Serendru (William Shakespeare’s “The Twelfth Night”), Kvarkvare (P. Kakabadze’s “Kvarkvare Tutaberi”), Kharitoni (P. Kakabadze’s “The Collective Farmer’s Wedding”), Khodi (J. Jurandot’s “The Ninth Saint”), Chinchakheli (K. Buachidze’s “Beware of the Dog”), etc.  

M. Shervashidze’s repertoire in the cinema is equally rich. Sipito (“Transient World”), Arlan Aremba (“Abduction of the Moon”), Duru Khunchua (“The Record”) and others, total over thirty roles. 

Mr. Manuchar Shervashidze’s activities are not limited to acting. He is actively involved in public and political life.  For years he worked as the Vice-Rector of the Batumi Art Institute (present Batumi Art State University) and was the deputy of the Ajara Supreme Council, supervising the sub-committee of Culture and Architecture.   

Manuchar Shervashidze has been awarded the honorary titles of the Honored Artist of Ajara and Georgia as well as People’s Artist of Georgia for his distinguished contribution to the development of the Georgian theatrical art. He is the laureate of the Iusuf Kobaladze and Ushangi Chkheidze Awards.  His star has been unveiled at the entrance of the Batumi State Drama Theatre; he is the Honorary Citizen of Batumi. 

Mr. Manuchar Shervashidze, the People’s Artist of Georgia, is celebrating his 90th birthday anniversary as well as 65th anniversary of his theatrical activities. He is one the prominent representatives of the Georgian theatre. Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre joins the host of grateful audience and expresses deepest respect and affection towards Mr. Manuchar Shervashidze, congratulating him on his 90th birthday.