The ABC of the Classical Coproduction

  18 Dec 2020

Author: Katarzyna Knichalska  
Editing: Carol Budrevich  
Animation: Bartosz Bulanda, Mariusz Wolanski 
Stage-director’s supervision: Jacek Glomb  
Music - Bartosh Strabuzynsky  
Scenography supervision: Malgozata Bulanda 

Photos: team realization 
Translation: Tatia Ambardnishvili 

The premiere of the performance “The Classical Coproduction” based on Katarzyna Knichalska’s play and directed by Jacek Glomb was held in Batumi in October 2019. It was planned to show it again in Georgia in 2020. Unfortunately, the development of the pandemic situation forced the project implementers to change their plans in a creative way. As far as a face-to-face meeting with the Georgian audience and our friendly actors is not possible, we should continue the cooperation in the form that is currently available, i.e., with the help of the internet.    
This is how the idea of creating a theatrical “making-off” was born. “The Classical Coproduction” is a play that can perfectly fit the form. The title of the play includes in itself the kind of meta-theatricality – it is not just a story about two countries and their inhabitants but also a face-to-face meeting of two acting companies, an interesting and challenging adventure in the process of working on the coproduction.  
“The ABC of the Classical Coproduction” is built on a peculiar humor typical of the two countries (towards which both sides have developed a more or less light approach). The theme does not evade the difficult and painful issues of the primary play, such as war, various types of traumas or national weaknesses. It all is comprised in a big framework of friendship, trying to figure out, despite of occasional difficult collaboration, what the so-called unidentified phenomenon is that builds a thread between the Georgian and the Poles, and thanks to which each successive meeting of the two nations ends with sincere and lasting goodwill.  
The Premiere will be held on the Modjeska Theatre YouTube channel at 19:00 (Polish time) on 18 December 2020, and on the Batumi Drama Theatre YouTube channel at 22:00 (Georgian time).