Syndrome or Who Are You Singing to?!

Musical Therapy in One Act According to Slawomir Mrozek


Stage version author and director – Andro Enukidze

Art designer – Gogla Gogiberidze

Bandmaster – Temur Dolidze

Choreographer – Shalva Goguadze

Assistant Director – Teona Lortkipanidze


Cast and characters:

Oculist – Tite Komakhidze

Grandad – Zaal Goguadze

Grandsons – Dato Jakeli, Mamuka Manjgaladze, Levan Tedoradze

Nurse – Marina Burduli             

Artistic Director of the Batumi Drama Theatre, Andro Enukidze, has decided to stage a play by a world famous Polish dramatist Slawomir Mrozek on the “New Stage”.

Six characters – a granddad who cannot see, armed with a gun, three simpleton grandsons, oculist with his nurse are going to act at a glance simple and funny collisions. Granddad and grandsons visit the oculist in order to find and kill a certain Karlo…

Strange, much-revealing, cruel and somewhat frantic story leads us towards complete personal destruction of once intellectually living oculist. He becomes an informer and is revealed as an instrument of political order in the hands of the granddad and his grandsons.   

  • 22 Jun, Thursday 19:00
  • 22/06/2023 19:00
Ticket price: 10  Buy ticket online