Pippi Longstocking

Based on the same story by Astrid Lindgren In two acts



Dramatization and staging – Manana Kvirkvelia

Art design – Shota Bagalishvili

Music design – Maia Chkheidze

Choreographer – Zurab Beglarishvili

Assistant director – Nato Glonti


Pippi – Khatia Popkhadze, Tommy – Davit Diasamidze, Annika – Anano Iashvili, Policeman – Lasha Kontselidze, Policeman, Pupil – Tornike Baramidze, Pupil, Clara – Ketevan Egutidze, Pupil, Thief – Nikoloz Dzidziguri, Teacher – Nino Kvitaishvili, Thief – Dimitri Melia, Circus director – Davit Tsereteli, Adolf – Sese Mikava, Mrs Settergren – Zinaida Kikvadze, Lady – Diana Chakhunaishvili


Pippi – Salome Grigolia, Tommy – Tedo Tavberidze, Annika – Kato Kikvadze

Astrid Lindgren’s immortal protagonist – Pippi will settle down on the “New Stage” in Batumi this New Year celebration period.

The original dramatization of the book is performed by the stage-director Manana Kvirkvelia

The only thing children in Batumi can do is to provide one piece of pea and pronounce Pippi’s magic incantation: “Little squiggle, you are clever, I don’t want to grew up ever!” 

And indeed, it is impossible to grow up with Pippi. New Year and Christmas becomes even more cheerful with her, and a mischievous childish beam will glitter in the eyes of the elders – parent or grandparents…   

Irakli Lomouri’s rhythmic riddles are used in the performances.