Classical Coproduction

Georgian-Polish Performance In One Act


Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze Professional State Drama Theatre

The Modjeska Theatre in Legnica


Author (according to actors improvozation) – Katarzyna Knichalska        

Stage-director - Jacek Glomb

Scenography and costumes - Malgozata Bulanda

Stage movements – Kote Purtseladze

Animation and graphic illustrations – Mariusz Wolanski

Music design - Bartosh Strabuzynsky

Assistant directors – Iola Nachinska, Zviad Murvanidze

Translation during rehearsals – Tatia Ambardnishvili


The Cast:

Georgian woman 1 – Tatia Tatarashvili; Georgian woman 2 – Ano Zurashvili

Georgian woman 3 – Ani Tsetskhladze; Georgian woman 4 – Maia Tsetskhladze

Polish woman 1 - Malgorzata Patryn; Polish woman 2 - Malgorzata Urbanska

Polish woman 3 – Ewa Galuszinska; Polish woman 4 – Anita Poddebniak

Polish woman 5 - Katarzina Dworak; Polish woman 6 - Magda Skiba

Georgian man 1 – Mamuka Manjgaladze; Georgian man 2 – Davit Jakeli

Georgian man 3 – Zaal Goguadze; Georgian man 4 – Tite Komakhidze; Georgian man 5 – Otar Katamadze

Polish man 1 - Rafal Cieluch; Polish man 2 - Bartosz Bulanda

Polish man 3 – Mateusz Krzyk ; Polish man 4 - Robert Gulaczyk, 

Polish man 5 - Pawel Palkat; Polish man 6 - Bogdan Grzeszczak



2 October 2019 – Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre, Grand Stage 

9 November 2019 - The Modjeska Theatre in Legnica, “Gadzicki” Stage

A Polish playwright Katarzyna Knichalska has created the play “Classical Coproduction” based on the conversations and improvisations of the two groups of actors from the two theaters - The Modjeska Theatre in Legnica and Batumi State Drama Theatre. The rehearsals gave rise to the topics on which the six parts/scenes of the performance are based. Each scene is an independent unit representing the intercrossing points of Georgia and Poland from different angles. It might be similar historical past, a person connecting these two countries, common traumas, not to mention similar national complexes. Despite the serious line of the topics presented in the performance, even the painful ones, we still advise you to treat them lightly – after all, it is only a bunch of theatrical impressions gathered upon meeting two completely different acting companies.     

The meta-theatrical form and solution of the performance allow to look at the unpleasant national problems with self-criticism and humor. The theatrical performance does not tell us about Georgian-Polish friendship; neither does it discover a universal truth about these countries. On the contrary, it gives us a chance to see our own selves from the perspective of the other strange country about which – frankly speaking - we, Georgian and Polish viewers, know nothing at all. 

Creation and implementation of the performance is financed by Lower Silesia Self-governance and Ajara A.R. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport