Manuchar Shervashidze

Actor of the Batumi Drama Theatre since 1955

Born on 27 May 1930. Graduated from Tbilisi State Theatrical Institute, Acting faculty in 1955; teacher – Lili Ioseliani 

Significant roles: 

Polonius (Hamlet); Ilarioni (Granny, Iliko, Ilarioni and Me); Kvarkvare (Kvarkvare Tutaberi); Kharitoni (The Collective Farmer’s Marriage); Nero (Pseudo Nero); Tsamtsum (Aeetes), Natsarkekia (Natsarkekia – Lazy-Bones); Pocht Meister (The Government Inspector); Janiko (While the City Is Sleeping); Vaniko (King Lear in an Asylum); Duncan, Siward (Macbeth); Musa (Host and Guest); Moshiashvili (White Banners); Amirani (KLDIASHVILI.GE #withfaithandhope).   

Participated in the films and serials: “Record”; “Abduction of the Moon”; “White Snows”; “My Native Land”; “Life in This World”; “One Day of Shooting”; “Chronicles of the Past”; “Nylon New Year’s Tree”, etc. 


1961 – Honored Artist of Ajara

1967 - Honored Artist of Georgia

1982 - People’s Artist of Georgia

2004 – Iusuf Kobaladze Prize

2010 – Honorary Citizen of Batumi

1967, 1969, 1987 - City Council Deputy of Batumi 

1991-1995 – Deputy of the Supreme Council of Ajara

2018– Theatrical Society of Georgia – Ushangi Chkheidze Award 

2018 – Batumi City Hall – award “Didaskalos”