Haifa Hotel

One-Act Tragicomedy Based on Marek Hłasko’s novel and stories Translated by Miranda Gurgenidze



“Haifa Hotel” is a play by a Polish author, Katažina Knihalska, inspired by the stories of one of the most popular authors of 20th century – Marek Marek Hłasko. The action takes place in Israel in the 1960s, the country so much different from our stereotyped impressions on “the Holy Land”. An old and unattractive hotel in the seaport city of Israel, Haifa, is run by eccentric Esther and dwelled with the World War II emigrants. Each of them have been brought here in search of the better life. However, instead of the imagined paradise, they are faced with harsh reality, imposture, violence, prostitution and betrayal. After a longtime disappearance, this stuffy place is revisited by a mysterious pilot – Don Ben Dov. What brought him to Haifa? Does he really want to return to his old life? Is his return connected to the tragedy that happened there 5 years ago?

“Haifa Hotel” is about dark history of the people unable to defeat demons from their past lives. Hotel residents are united with each other by war traumas that determine their choices and behavior. However, as it always happens