Jemal Veliadze

Actor of the Batumi Drama Theatre since 1986

Born on 20 August 1961. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Culture, faculty of Drama Directing; teacher – Yevgeni Kondalkovski 

Significant roles:

Teziko (Pet Market); man (Tedore); Zviadauri (Host and Guest); Bear (Chinchraka); Trebon (Pseudo Nero); Aaron’s uncle (Tevye the Dairyman); Luarsab (Is the Man a Human?); Tazo (In the Evening Garden as in Colorful Dream); crude (The Mirror); father (The Avalanche); Gabaon (Motherland of Minorities and Majorities); highborn cousin (Formula of Love or Don Juan); (KLDIASHVILI.GE #withfaithandhope).

Participated in the films: 

“Waiting for Celebrations”; “The Predecessor”); “Swallows and Sparrows”; “Close Enemy”); “A Candle Burning on the Savior’s Tomb”; “To Kill the King”; “Tiflis”; “The Planet Uranus’ Satellite”; “Don’t Worry about Me”.   


Honored Artist of Ajara

The best Male Actor prize (three times).