Mamuka Manjgaladze

Actor of the Batumi Drama Theatre since 2006

Born on 25 June 1985. Graduated from Batumi Art State Institute, Acting Faculty in 2006, teacher – Levan Mirtskhulava. 

Significant roles:

Donald Carne (Biloxi Blues); Lagazi (Lamara); Achiko (In the Evening Garden as in Colorful Dream); Nugzari (Nugzari and Mephistopheles); Florindo Aretuzi (The Servant of Two Masters); Imarindo (Banana and Quince Pudding with Cognac and Rum); Nicolo (Old Clowns); dog (A Simple Story); Zurab Gorgiladze (Neither Life Nor Death, Something Else); a boy (The Last Stop); a boy (The Night Porter); Zviadauri (Host and Guest); a boy (Winter’s Tale); grandson (Syndrome or Who Are You Singing to?); Den (Closer); Rene Amber (Edith Piaf); Marec (Haifa Hotel); Cole (Keely and Du); Sganarel (Formula of Love or Don Juan); Prince (Cinderella); Kote (Khanuma).   


2007 – Ajara Theatrical Society – Prize for the role of Nugzari in “Nugzari and Methistopheles”;

2008 - Ajara Theatrical Society – Prize for the role of Florindo in “The Servant of Two Masters”;

2008 – Award of the Ajara Autonomous Republic Government – The best Young Actor of the year.