Two Acts


Stage-director – Davit Doiashvili

Design – Gogla Gogiberidze

Costume designers - Nino Gogiberidze, Gogla Gogiberidze

Choreographer – Kote Purtseladze

Assistant Director – Nato Glonti,  Teona Lortkipanidze 

Songs by: 

Nini Nutsubidze, Giorgi Gigashvili, Jango, Anna Doi



Rocco – Zaal Goguadze; Luka – Mamuka Manjgaladze; Leo – Davit Jakeli; Peppe – Tite Komakhidze; Eva – Maia Tsetskhladze; Bianca – Tatia Tatarashvili ; Elle- Ani Tsetskhladze; Sofie – Ketevan Baramidze.

How modern technologies have spared our time but exposed us! The hidden life, stories, passions of each person embedded in one gadget, which is a prerequisite for the beginning of the new and the destruction of the old.Cell phones in the palm of the hand today say more about us than we do about ourselves and our lifestyles.All of this, however, playfully, can one day appear as the ending of close friends and long-term relationships.Huge crack in trust and doubt in our authenticity - visit us at such an evening at the Batumi Theatre ... 

  • 23 Apr, Tuesday 19:00
  • 23/04/2024 19:00
  • 24 Apr, Wednesday 19:00
  • 24/04/2024 19:00
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