A House in the Clouds

One Act


Stage-Director – Petre Chargeishvili

Stage Design    – Luka Beselia

Music– Badri Bagration-Gruzinski

Soloist - Anastasia Chargeishvili

Assistant Director –Natalia Glonti



Shaliko Khujadze – Nodar Dzidziguri

Demuri– Nikoloz Dzidziguri

In terms of genre, the author of "A House in the Clouds" Revaz Nachkebia defined it as a tragicomedy.However, it should be noted that the mentioned play contains a large dose of dramatic passages.A father-son story.The father is sick, the son is trying to cure his father's disease, and this demands a certain rule of the game from him.The play is built on this dramatic axis, which caught the interest of the stage director, Petre Chargeishvili.We expect a memorable acting duet from the performance as well, as the artistic understanding of father and son offers us many stage variations.

  • 19 Apr, Friday 19:00
  • 19/04/2024 19:00
  • 26 Apr, Friday 19:00
  • 26/04/2024 19:00
  • 19 May, Sunday 19:00
  • 19/05/2024 19:00
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