Zurab Kavtaradze

Actor of the Batumi Drama Theatre since 1996

Bornon 2 January 1953.  Graduated from Tbilisi Theatrical Institute, Acting faculty in 1983. Graduated from Batumi Art University, film directing faculty with specialty of feature films in 2002.

1983-1988 – Actor of the Metekhi Theatre

Significant roles: governor Ceyon, Terencius Nero (Pseudo Nero); King Charles (The Lark); Grikul Vaghramich (Woe from Wit); peasant (There Is No Nation Happier than Us); Gela (So What If Lilac is Wet?); Parum Osepa (First They Died , Then Got Married); Okropeta (The Sunny Night); Gabriel (In the Evening Garden as in Colorful Dream); Senior Lombard (The Servant of Two Masters); Alfonse (Mamure); Kako (Old People’s Asylum); Narrator (The Avalanche); Ale (A Simple Story); vagabond (The Last Stop); Marlagram (31 June); Zhevakin (Marriage); Andria (Thérèse Raquin); a Jewish scientist (Zero Hour); a judge (Wandering Tale); Shoshia (White Banners); Pastor (As Many Demons As You Like); Alex (God of Carnage); Pastor (Keely and Du); Liviu (The Break Up Man); Tenorio (Formula of Love or Don Juan); village madman (KLDIASHVILI.GE #withfaithandhope). 

Participated in the films: 

“The Book of Oath”; “Oh, The Dreadful TV set!”; “The Ceiling”; “To Kill the King”; “Repentance”; “Nylon New Year Tree”; “The Rat”; “The Sun of the Sleepless”; “What the Lullaby Did”; “Leonardo”; “Lucky”; “Once Upon a Time”; “Deadlock”; “Hot Dog”; “Double D”; “Close Enemy”; “Twelve Judges”; “The Last Stop”; “Solomon”; “Man”; “Name”. 

Has made the films: “Homosapienses”; Triumph”; “Double D”; “Tao-Klarjeti”; “Kishinyov Portraits”; “A Bird Died in the Grove”; “From Wings to Wings”; “No Comment”; “Batumian Chronicles”; “Cross Leaving, Cross Coming Back”; “Zekeria”; “The Lost Georgia”; “Overheard Story”. 


2005 – Honorary Diploma for creative activities at Batumi Drama Theatre from the Theatrical Society of Georgia

Associate Professor at Batumi Art Teaching University