Avtandil Karchava

Actor of the Batumi Drama Theatre since 1980

Born on 16 December 1954. Graduated from Tbilisi Rustaveli Theatrical Institute, Acting faculty in 1980; teachers – Lili Ioseliani, K. Surmava

Significant roles: Koka Mkheidze (Spring is Beyond the Shutters); Amirani (The Open Glass Gallery); Platoni (Samanishvili’s Stepmother); Zilov (Duck Hunting); Beso (California Suite); Limona (The Verdict); Darispani (Darispani’s Trouble); Efro (It Happened); Komble (Komble); Knops (Pseudo Nero); Jokola (The Guest and the Host); Omlet (The Marriage); Gamtsemlidze (The White Banners); Vanichka (What for, O Lord?!); Parnavaz (Motherland of Minorities and Majorities); highborn cousin (Formula of Love or Don Juan); Pavlia (KLDIASHVILI.GE #withfaithandhope), etc. 

Participated in the films: “The Opposite Bank”; “The Captains”; “Mevlud”; “Sea Toilers”; “Close Enemy”; “The Day Begins Late”, etc. 


1987 – Honored Artist of Ajara

Iusuf Kobaladze award

1993 – Prize for the best male actor

Teacher of stage motions at Batumi Art Teaching University