Nodar Iakobadze

Actor of the Batumi Drama Theatre since 1973

Born on 18 February 1951. Graduated from Tbilisi State Theatrical Institute, Acting faculty in 1973, teacher – Levan Mirtskhulava.

Significant roles: 

Father (Sixth Floor); Bingo (A Strange Woman); Pavle (Divorce); Artist (Self-portrait); Davit (My Flower Land); Agamemnon (Electra); Petka (Disorder); district committee secretary (The Thirteenth Chairman); the last suitor (The Last Suitor); Vano (The Formers’ Bed); Abel (We All); Sebeon (The Ninth Saint); station master (Race); Colonel Kvikviria (TASS is Authorized to Declare); father (King Lear in an Asylum); Meburishvili (White Banners); Ivane Palavandi (Motherland of Minorities and Majorities); Niko (KLDIASHVILI.GE #withfaithandhope). 


1987 – Honored Artist of Ajara