A summer Day

Translated by Zurab Goshadze based on Sławomir Mrożek’s pensive drama


Director and music design – Gabriel Goshadze

Art design – Mirian Shvelidze

Choreographer – Ekaterine Glonti

Assistant director – Teona Lortkipanidze



I man – Zaza Zoidze

II man – Otar Katamadze

A woman – Marina Burduli

Gabriel Goshadze has chosen the play “A Summer Day” by a distinguished modern Polish dramatist Sławomir Mrożek to stage on the «New Stage” of the Batumi Theatre. 

The synopsis of the play: an unlucky man decides to hang himself in an isolated location. There appears a lucky man there who also plans to commit a suicide as his life becomes meaningless owing to “unconditional” successes. The appearance of the third character of the paly – a young lady – renders the traditional love-triangle tension to the diversely interesting discussion between the lucky and unlucky men. 

Who will be the choice of the young lady between the suicidal lucky and unlucky men? – “A Summer Day” provides the answer to this eternal question in the form of a fable.

  • 17 Jun, Saturday 19:00
  • 17/06/2023 19:00
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