The Glass Menagerie

One Act Drama Translated by Miranda Gurgenidze


Stage Director – Jan Novara (Poland)

Art Design    – Magdalena Gayevska(Poland)

Music Design– Pavel Nafus (Poland)

Choreographer - Tomeck Gayevski (Poland)

Multimedia – Marchin Pavelchak (Poland)

Assistant Director – Nato Glonti



Amanda - Lia Abuladze,  Tom – Lasha Kontselidze,

Laura – Anano Iashvili, Jim – Mamuka Manjgaladze

“The Big Stage” of the Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre is looking forward to a pleasant novelty. A famous Polish director Jan Novara is staging a play by an outstanding American playwright. Tennessee Williams’s “The Glass Menagerie” has been performed in many countries throughout the world with various interpretations. 

One cannot help being touched and impressed by a human drama retold in the play. A history of one family – mother with her son and daughter. Their illusions on life are as subtle as glass. However, life is severe. There is no profit in life for a salesman who writes his verses on the shoe-box covers. All the three members of the family have their own dreams; they indeed remind us of characters locked up in a glass flask. The worldwide acclaimed play tells us how the dreams are destroyed in the “glass menagerie”.